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SPARK is not just about publishing articles, it is about interaction of students from all over the world. You can discuss, comment and give your opinions on any topic. It is forum for everyone. We invite all students; business oriented, technology oriented, artists, thinkers as well as professionals to join us and share your thoughts, opinions, statistics and solutions in order to help students from all around the globe. We are one community, we write to interact, we write to grow.

The sole purpose of SPARK is to allow everyone to express their ideas, express themselves, to provide their understanding of what the world is, be to open you to ideas from others to find solutions by this open exchange of minds. It’s about igniting your thoughts to enlighten the world.

Spark is a not for profit project that seeks to create engagement among university students by collaboration and competition. Spark promotes positive and traditional cultural values by providing online promotion to student events and exposure to their literary and visual arts

Our online web portal provides a forum to students where they can submit their articles, photography, paintings, poetry as well as term papers and thesis. So, students can share their thoughts, ideas and views globally at SPARK through their work.

SPARK is created with the idea of igniting thoughts around the world. We want people to interact with each other as we understand the crucial need of mankind to succeed and for humanity to grow. The exchange of ideas must be open and free allowing constructive criticism for the masses to improve and appraisals to support.

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