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Child Abuse: See it, Hear it, Report it!

Most of us started noticing the pages and links on our sponsored Facebook timeline sharing the stories of child molesting (mostly girls). I am well aware that this issue is like a tumor in our society and must be talked. There must be awareness programs regarding child molesting from ground level (mainly primary schools, meetings with parents and group discussion) to national campaign. These sponsored links are not spreading the alertness of the issue instead promoting the vulgarity, sex stories and endorsing the intimacy. There is never ever a strong message concerning stopping and fighting spirit by the victim. They are telling every single minor detail of the incident (or say they creating up the stories) and script the juicy lines so they could upsurge their page ratings or endorse the ads. I strongly condemned these pages and actions must be taken to stop and ban the pages and links. Questions will be raised what should be done instead.

There are NGO’s and social awareness groups who are encouraging the clear messages and instructions for ending the child abuse. Sex Education must be compulsory in the secondary school, Parents Teacher meeting must be held in primary school educating to look over their children, analyzing their behavior, their sleep routine, their interest on television & teaching them that no one is allowed to touch their body and private parts without their permission and when anybody do so is a offender and they must tell their parents no matter what the other person say or threatened to. Their parents will be their ultimate shield. The problem in our culture and religious structure in Pakistan is such that this issue is still considered as taboo and people avoid discussing. This cultural and religious restriction has sparked the evil side in people of this region. There are several issues to be addressed like delaying marriage of adults just parent’s don’t think he/she isn’t financially steady. The intimacies among our youth are high, and its fact that you just couldn’t stop it by banning porn websites.  The Prophet once said to us, ‘O young people (يا معشر الشباب)! Whoever among you is able to marry, should marry, and whoever is not able to marry, is recommended to fast, as fasting diminishes his sexual power.

Beside these duties of parents and adults, the government should act upon on this matter. We appreciate the stand that government took against terrorist after the Peshawar Army School incident, same kind of response must be taken against these psychopathic criminals who are involved in child molesting and there are numerous stories regarding child molesting and rape print in our newspapers. The crime and punishment committed should not be hidden but presented as the symbol to fight against the child molesting and eradicate this tumor in our societies. We have seen headlines that people arrested for raping four year old child but never heard what punishment was given to him.

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