Cruel In-laws

Why are Muslim sister burning into ashes?

Is it because of these cruel in – laws?

Why are our wedded couples with innocent children being destroyed

Is it because of these cruel in-laws?

Our Muslim sisters wed under Islamic laws, feeling proud to be Muslims, marry with determination to be good Muslim wives.

But later our Muslim sisters spread their arms, crying and begging Allah to show them the practices of Islam in their cruel in laws home.

Each and every day they are burnt in fire, fire and fire.

Is it because of these cruel in laws?

Oh! What should be done to these cruel in-laws?

We were told to worship Allah and recite the Holy Quran.

But every time we pray, the cruel in laws say we are bringing evil and doing magic on them.

Oh! What should be done to these narrow-minded cruel in laws?

Oh Allah! Help us.

Why can they pray to you and we can’t?

We gave up our likes and dislikes, all our ambitions and wishes, family, friends, and relatives and began to worship the cruel in –laws.

But Oh Allah, they are still not satisfied for they feed themselves not with your bounties but with selfishness and negative thoughts.

The cruel in laws are greedy for our belongings and scale us with our dowry.

Our innocent children with broken hearts and homes have nowhere to go.

Is it because of these cruel in laws?

Our children are searching the streets for a real mum and dad.

Oh Allah! Hold their little hands and help them from going astray for their fathers have turned into robots and their mothers into stones.

Is it because of these cruel in laws?

All our happiness, success and achievements have been snatched from us and injected in these cruel in laws.

Oh Allah! I ask you, why should they live and we die?

Why are cruel in laws fed with the luxuries of life and we are only staring slaves fed with hatred, insult and mockery?

Why is Islam being preached but not being practised by these cruel in laws?

This is not what we Muslim sisters dreamed of.

The cruel in laws want their daughters in laws to be smiling, glittering Christmas trees when they have turned them into stones.

Oh Allah! I ask you again—

Why do all the cruel minded in laws have the same traits, habits, customs and practises in their homes?

Oh Allah! Why do they want to drive their daughter in laws like blind folded cattle around their wells?

I knocked door to door, every door of the cruel in laws and heard the cries of trapped Muslim sisters screaming with pangs of pain,

“save me, save me, save me, I am dying——-I am dying.”

Suicide and divorce is a common practise now.

This is not what we Muslim girls were taught.

Oh Allah! Bring all the cruel in laws from the darkness unto light.

Oh, make them pay for every tear that my innocent Muslim sisters shed.

Oh Allah! Keep us in your shelter for we have faith in You and worship You and only You and not the cruel in laws.


By: Rahila Tauqeer

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  1. Biased one sided view..
    in the same society you do have cruel daughter in laws.
    who split homes.. create trouble for the family
    cause a total disruption to a peaceful home.
    turn brother against brother
    son against mother

    agreed there are “evil” in laws and so are there “evil” daughter in laws

    oh let me correct my self… their are “Evil” women who hate other women

    stop branding society with a one sided view. there are plenty of homes where the whole family lives together in “happily ever after” mode. as long as everyone is willing to understand

    OH! and dont drag Allah into all of this. Your society that you removed Allah from, Your Rules that you disregarded Allah from.

    read up on the Islamic criteria for a Husband and the same for a Wife. the same for the marriage ceremony … and for Parda and for Haya.. and for Flaunting your wealth to others with days and weeks of marriage cerimonies. You cannot Excelude.. “NAY” … “kick out” God from your rituals.. and adopt hindu rituals and then cry to Him when all goes down hill.

    I bet this poor poor daughter in law .. will end up doing the same to her daughter in law… at the base of it all

    “Women are always true in their own stories of plight and suffering”
    Grow up and out of bollywood. know your rights and take a stand for it

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